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You can check our individual and team biography and can check out our release showcase.

Bio And Releases


Damien - DJ and Remixer

A true and professional Belgian DJ with good production skills and ideas. Before the Synastry duo he was known as Verdastro. He has seriously great djing skills and his mash-ups and dj mixes are simply great. He is currently a promo manager for Synchronized Muzik, which is supported by so many big artists, he is a co-founder of this label. Synchronized Sessions and Transeport Sessions shows made him famous and now he is the main leader of Global Trance Gathering radio show,which is being aired on every Friday by 21:00 GMT time.

Istvan - Producer, DJ, Remixer

British resident music producer with great ideas and his dj skills are not that bad at all. He has good experience with Pioneer CDJs and DJMs as he owned those previously. He is also known as an Uplifting and EDM producer/ DJ Steve Mercury. Before the August of 2014 he has learnt about music production and practised it, he was named by people as Armin Junior,when he has had the old and legendary Global Trance Gathering radio show going, which was reborn when the Synastry duo came together. He always has great production ideas and his main proficiency is the music production.

Synastry - Bio Of The Duo

Synastry is a duo of two well talented guys Damien and Istvan, who have met each other through Trance Energy Radio in 2014 and have decided to form a professional duo coached by Mino Safy. While Damien has reached the 19th place on the djlist with his well outsanding DJ skills, while Istvan had his own dj career too in past, he is focusing on music production. Their first release called The Ambassador in 2014 already drawn attention, a year later their release called Victory has reached #5 on the HTFRD list making even more attention on Club G Music`s sub-label. Also in 2015 they have collaborated with a well talented american duo called DJ M.A.D.E. and their release called Renaissance came out on Cloudland Music with huge support and the dream of the two guys became true. The Orbion remix has added a great power to their release making it well unique. This was the start of something great and in 2016 Synastry has released Euphoria on TFB Records, which placed the guys into the greater and more talented names with their very unique style. Their tracks got featured on Tomorrow Trance Vol 04 and their mash-ups got supported by big names such as Mino Safy & FloE. The guys are also running their own radio show called Global Trance Gathering, which was started by Istvan and Damien has taken the radio show to a higher place bringing in to Trance Energy Radio (currently #4 on TrancePodium). The radio show focuses on Progressive Trance, just like the duo does and more and more listeners are enjoying it from week to week. They have been guest for Suzy Solar, TEKNO and many more and they are happy to take guestmix requests at any time. Not to mention that Synastry had two live gigs already with good feedbacks and Backstage Entertainment is proud to have the guys in their booking agency. This ia a really good Trance duo to look out for and they will go higher and higher even more.

Our Releases

Latest Release


We proudly present you our brand new tune with the name 'Euphoria', Euphoria is an emotional track from the guys 'Synastry' with a nice emotional melody. Synastry made an original mix what is a 132bpm Progressive Trance track and they also made an Uplifting version. But that's not it sine they got amazing support by 2 great producers who did an amazing job in remixing. Aly Sa a Lebanese producer made an amazing emotional Uplifting remix so does Maglev who did an awesome Progressive Trance remix..

  1. Euphoria Release On Beatport


Synastry has teamed up with DJ M.A.D.E. and debuted with a really huge release on Cloudland Music and this release has amde a big milestone for the continously evolving Synastry duo. Althoguh one of the team members Istvan has had myleoid leukemie, he had to rest for a quiet few months before his return to music industry. After his return he impressively worked on this release with Damien and MADE, the result of it is a really impressive and great release. Can just recommend it to everbody.

  1. Renaissance (Original Mix) 06:50
  2. Renaissance (Orbion Remix) 05:32

Victory (Transeport Records)

Victory is a following up release of Ascension. The style have been improved and changed of the duo and this track has really impressive showcase of the Trance music. Great orchestral elements, fat kicks and tight bass line. All you need is for a great release, recommended.

  1. Vicotry (Original Mix) 06:45

Ascension EP (OSS Records Blue)

The duo has made a huge release on this small label. The two impulsively Trance tracks shows how the duo is evolving and have completely changed their music into an impulsive and immersive Trance style. Really recommended release for all Trance listeners.

  1. Visions (Original Mix) 06:52
  2. Ascension (Original Mix) 06:32

Ambassador EP (Entranced Records)

Synastry has made it`s debut in the Trance music industry with this great and really progressive sounding release. The great melody and the cathcing long breakdown really gives good impression for the music listeners. Great start for the duo in the Trance scene.

  1. Obsession (Original Mix) 07:30
  2. The Ambassador (Original Mix) 07:09


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